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Quasar Inventory is a slotted inventory based on metadata completely unique in the FiveM community, this asset incorporates into your server in a native and clean way the possibility of using unique items with internal information in each one, this being one of the only professional inventory elaborated in the community.

Enjoy an inventory of unique characteristics and very well achieved visuals, with minimalist finishes and internal player information, such as life, armor, hunger, thirst and much more configurable information.

As if this were not enough, you can also change the name tag of your items to accommodate them as you like. You will also have an amazing built-in clothing system that will allow you to turn any clothing store into an amazing store with automated metadata.

This package includes multiple unique features never seen before, and will also give you access to a series of exclusive DLCs that will enhance your gaming experience, giving you a backpack system, weapons on your back, animations when drawing your weapons and much more.

DLC and Addons

This asset includes with your purchase, access to a completely free section of DLC and addons that will allow you to expand your game system, remember that you will only have access to said section if you are the owner of the asset, in case of transfers you will not be able to access said section and an informative 404 error will appear. It is important to always buy the package from the official website and not from resellers, so as to gain access to the downloadable content.

  • Backpack
  • Crafting
  • Armor
  • Weapondraw
  • Parachute
  • Licenses
  • Advanced Shops

Enjoy the free downloadable content for this asset by clicking here!


  • Slotted and comfortable inventory system.
  • Metadata system per article that will create information in them.
  • Durability in weapons, they will break after multiple uses.
  • Unique and configurable opening/closing visuals.
  • Add your logo with a simple configuration.
  • Change the name of the items to your liking or set a price for them.
  • Dumpster dumpster diving system.
  • Vending machine system included.
  • Buy and sell items with a visual matching the Inventory.
  • Create custom stashes with a simple export.
  • Natively supported by esx and qb-core.
  • Weapon customization system, with colors, accessories and more.
  • Share items with your friends, thanks to the metadata between the items.
  • Clothing system based on metadata and items.
  • Make your clothing store work with metadata automatically.
  • Configurable glovebox and trunk system.
  • Have your players customize their inventory, with colors, borders, and more.
  • Completely unique optimization for such a large resource.
  • Access to multiple DLC that will improve the gaming experience.


This package is compatible with es_extended 1.2 and all Legacy.
This asset modifies the logic of native esx usage for compatibility.

  • es_extended or qb-core
  • progressbar


Enjoy the presentation trailer of this asset by clicking here!








Additional Information

This package is in a constant process of change, each image or feature found in this publication can be improved or readapted for better use by the final consumer.

This package is protected by DMCA and there are no official or open source resellers in our community or our proprietary company.

The support of this resource consists of Monday to Saturday almost all the hours of the day, but please do not demand support instantly and respect the order that we have when responding to each buyer.

We do not accept refunds after you have made the purchase, since the package is in exceptional and functional condition, if you open a chargeback to this resource, Tebex and Quasar Store could take action due to multiple terms of Tebex policy being violated If you want to read more about these policies, click here.