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Quasar Housing 3.0 is here!

What are you waiting for to try the new Quasar Housing 3.0? The best FiveM home builder at the best price for a limited time!

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Pay and receive your product instantly, you just have to claim your credentials

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All our resources published here, have security and official license from Cfx.re


We have a very large optimization in resources and many useful configurations

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Each resource includes an extensive installation tutorial and help through Discord support

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GOSSIP TIME Community reviews

Comments and reviews from our community helps us grow


Good support, the scripts work perfectly and it doesn t have any bugs.


Great suport, for install and help me in the ticker, thanks so much Clefas!


The house script is so easy to use and the team is quick to fix stuff and pushing out updates. A little expensive but worth the money.


Muy buena atención y se resolvio mi problema, muy contento por que no solo tienen excelentes scripts si no excelente atención.


Super handy qs-smartphone, calification 10/10


Perfekt work.


Excellent inventory.


Very nice job. Developer are nice, patient and making the best for a better experience.


The best Smartphone from the market.


Not only do I LOVE the Smartphone and the design, Quasar takes an extra mile to change stuff if you kindly request it! I requested to remove or hide phone numbers from invoices so that police officers wouldn t have they phone number leaked, and he did so like he said he would! Top customer support and actually listens to the customers!


He s such a helpful, humble and understanding person. He s on another level both from a professional and personal perspective. Best on the market!


I have a couple of your scripts and I will buy the rest too and for me the best Quasar scripts are. foreverkaiden


This man really knows what he is doing! A very nice Quasar owner!


Some of the best scripts on the FiveM network


Very very nice housing!

Patrick Hartmann

qs-smartphone Works perfectly and super easy to setup!


Thanks for the Fast Support and delivery!


Best support ever!


I love Quasar, is the best script.


Un grand merci à toute l équipe Quasar pour le tavail ainsi que l aide fourni ! Rapide, sympa, et efficace je recommande à 100%!


Nice service and nice script! Thanks Quasar!


I just want to say that the support given by the team is phenomenal. Every problem you encounter is beeing carfuly reviewed and dealt with. The Scripts are running perfect and i can recommand evryone to use them if they fit their needs.


Went above and beyond to help me when I was stuck. Customer service AAA


Quasar developers are the best always there to help and if you cant get it working they can.


Franchement rien a dire niveau script et support merci à FUNKO et Quasar pour leur aide mais pas déçu du smartphone, housing, vehiclekey, garage au TOP!


I have a lot to say about the phone, First of all it has a very detailed config options to make the phone fit at our server. The Documentations are very helpful and make you understand every single file. We had some issues about some apps and some question and all the support was there to make us feel "comfortable" with their script. the support is fire. Recommended 10/10!


Great phone, i would improve it with more documentation about very lua configurable file. But its 10/10.


Facil de configurar y una comindad que cuando necesitas ayuda cualquiera intenta ayudarte.


Absolutely outstanding service from Merca configured my phone when i didnt have a clue in a quick and very friendly service. Also a huge thanks to Quasar & Clefas for supporting me in the ticket 10/10!


Beautiful, nothing to say. it surpasses excellence.


5 Stars the phone is simply the best on the market right now, no doubt!


outstanding scripts... and the support is amazing also... looking forward to see what they bring out next.

ℝ𝕖𝕖𝕞 𝔼𝕩𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕞𝕖

Shout out to NULL! He took his time to ensure that all my issues were solved! Hands down my favorite dev 10/10 support experience!


Best support, best docs, best dynamic scripts can change everything in minimum details.


Best Creators of FiveM!


Llevo ya mucho tiempo en esta tienda y puedo decir que es de las mejores tienda de scripts para fivem, atención 10/10 scripts 10/10 impresionado con todo.


The best scripts of all fivem, especially qs-inventory and qs-smartphone.


Really good support fast responses, bught a few scripts and they are are perfect


Muy puntuales, atentos y profesionales, la verdad lo mejor que tiene FiveM


Great support! Awesome smartphone!


Awesome as always the staff willing to help you in all your troubles


Everything perfect, from the early support through the bot and the even better staff attention. Top Scripts, nothing bad toy say about any of the Quasar scripts that we have!


Encantado con la efectividad y la cercanía del personal, en especial a Quasar, los scripts son una maravilla, de lo mejorcito de todo FiveM


Excellent service, answers really fast! Thank for your excellent work!


The supporter responded very quickly and was very helpful, the inventory is also very cool and configurable.


Absolutely perfect support and open to ideas. I have never received such perfect support. Thank you very much for that!


The best and fast support!


Scorpion and Ju are the best, thank you for your help, Qs-vehiclekeys is a super script, I really like it a lot.


Absolutely AMAZING support! Quick service and was even able to provide support for a script that isnt made by them! Quasar Inventory is an amazing script, Id definitely recommend it to any developers looking for a quality inventory system.


Super fast and efficient support, no complaints. Really great, optimized and incredible script!


Quasar very helpful, he is the owner but more than happy to answer the problems, very efficient, also takes the time to explain things and not rushing, very good communication skills and knowledge of his products.


Ils sont très réactifs, ils ont vu que j’étais français ils m’ont directement envoyé un staff français c’est nickel, leurs script sont magnifiques, et très complet, le prix en vaut la peine.


Very Professional, Kind and Generious Support Member and tried his best to satisfy.


Great patients & was directs, 100% recommend


Support at the top of the top I got the help asked for very quickly and I would come back thank you, qs-inventory +++++++++ , qs-vehiclekeys +++++++++


Your extraordinary commitment to customer satisfaction is truly awe-inspiring! You wholeheartedly understand the paramount importance of ensuring that every client receives the impeccable service they truly deserve, 10/10!


As usual if Mr.Quasar himself gives support its quallity !


All the scripts are fire and work great!


Wonderful script, you guys are 10000


jvstin2k is the best great service and always helps us with the problems we have!


I have a problem with inventory and they resolved it in 5 minutes!


Support was very helpful and Got everything taken care of, only thing that took long was the roles request, otherwise amazing support


Quasar is KING and thanks jvstin2k, HOUSING IS HERE!!!


Thank you so much for helping great support 10/10


Totalmente increíbles, completo, fácil de usar, no existe algo mejor


Service supporte très performent et professionnel


Responses were on time and fas, love qs scripts I have a few in my server thanks.. keep up the good work!!


Best support and very good script


qs-housing, qs-inventory great work as usual. Quasar team is getting there, trust me, this is getting good.


I was initially confused about the installation process and encountered errors but they were very patient and was able to help make the housing system work nicely! Easy to use and great features!


Nice Inventory system, very nice and very fast


Best and fusr


One of the best phones on FiveM


Great assistance thank you very much, excellent product


Very nice and good Supporter, thx alot for you quick help on smartphone


Perfekter Service. Sofort geholfen und noch beim einrichten geholfen um den Fehler zu beheben, Wunschlos glücklich!


Good scripts, they work like clockwork, and if something is wrong, they fix it


10/10 as usual, like, is it not clear? top quality


Dispatch & MDT and key system is a must buy very clean scripts, great and fast response


QS-inventory is amazing and the video they made helped alot


Good scripts, make a read me area to help some people, very Quick and hes knows what he is doing


Script is nice, tedious if you dont have the patience but woth it at the end


Nice behavior! Quick supp


Issue was fixed very quickly! The best inventory system in Fivem!


Super rapido y te ayudan en todo, el inventario pues no esta nada mal ademas esta muy optimizado


Nice support for my discord grade problem, QS-Housing is nice for roleplaying


Best housing script out there!


Best service


Muy buen equipo que tiene buena reactividad, el script es completo y facil de utilizar.


Top Service and very quick! Quick response from support!


great support with the role i was missing 5 minutes later i got the role, the garages script is a fine script multiple scripts in one resourch


Pyronicx Assist me and was awesome and fast answers, i will definivly buy from Quasar agains thanks guys. Amazing script alot of option and easy to follow.


QS-Inventory and advice on other scripts, 10/10 Spot on. Very understandable! Top notch.


Sehr sehr guter Support, wurde alles im Handumdrehen gelöst und das Script ist 1a


scripts look awesome


Good support as always!


kindly like every time, and very important helpful like everytime thanks for excellent support


I love your support, never seen a better one anywhere


Amazing service and Experience. We can see the amount of work is in their speech worth recognizing!!! 5 stars for Customer Service. Been wanting to try out this script for a very long time from what I have seen... Can t wait to experience this


Helpful and took time with me a good team and a good service, good scripts


Great a support from Jvstin2k i had a garage script that was not realy working with the keys. But they fixed it trough anydesk, It s great script you can lock your car just clicking on the key in youre inv or the hotbar


I love the qs-inventory does everything!


The best key script on the market, Fast and Effective


Great support. If Quasar didnt reach out to Tebex i dont belive it would have been solved even now. Great way to be able to reach out for support


Script amazing, i have buy all of quasar and im happy !


Best support no matter how busy they are they get the job done, good scripts all the time cant complain about what i spend my money on


Very nice support, helped me very fast and all of the supporters are very kind. Auf Deutsch


script is 10/10


Quasar smartphone script is good and best in whole fivem community scripts


Best support team ever! they are really fast and they solve everything immediately! I bought almost all of their scripts! I love them! inventory and phone are the most intuitive scripts for players and with a lots of configuration options!


Great support, fully understanding, heard out my situation and no hesitation to offer any possible assistance.


Great service. The support and response quickly. Without hesitation I would buy from quasar, easy-to-understand script. And easy to set up


Muy rapidos y amables. Bastante bueno para usarlo


All helpers were very helpful, nice and friendly. Best phone ever




The support from this team is OUT of this world. 100/10 or more. They helped me with out of scope issues. Were professional, helpful, and just amazing. The rest of the FiveM community needs to take notes from this team, but they are the creme de la creme of perfection when it comes to support. Script does EXACTLY what I want it too, I just need to learn how to properly use it XD 10/10!


The script was mainly the advanced garages and vehicle deformation export. However jvstin also helped me with some smartphone issues and inventory issues while helping with this ticket.


I currently only have Housing but am buying more as I go along


Housing works perfectly for me and I havent had a single issue with it and the players love it

Very fast and very good customer service, all the scripts are great, I ve never had any problems!


efficient and friendly support, the qs-inventory is really something good


I recommend this phone. really complete


Fast and good help thx for it, the script is god its super nice


Good support. specially quasar. hands on in terms of helping us. Good 10 out of 10


Amazing scripts as always and Very helpful and quick support!


Great job, took intiative, and overall know what the scripts is, Thanks!


amazing scripts with the best docs i have seen to help you with installation. just 10/10


WE HAVE THE ANSWERS Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

Welcome to Quasar Store and thanks for your interest in us, This store is operated by Tebex Limited who purchase and resell Fivem Assets from Quasar. Quasar is a physical company established in Andorra, together we dedicate ourselves to the creation of assets for FiveM and we promise our clients an exceptional support system and quality. We work hard every day to improve our assets and constant patches and improvements are released every day, We are looking forward to having you among our community, join us!

Tebex is the only company authorised to buy and resell Quasar content, therefore any current copy for sale on Quasar Assets is completely illegal and breaks the terms of DMCA and Copyright, if someone proposes the sale of our open code assets or for external sale, possibly a scam, since our assets do not exist outside of the official Cfx Escrow compilation.

As the authorised reseller please content Tebex for any website or purchase-related support. Due to the great demand for our assets and their support, we have a limited asset support system only from Monday to Saturday, we support most of the day and the waiting times are usually low, but on weekends these may slow down or even not occur due to NON-WORKING days, once taking this into account, Quasar Store stands out for its great attention and support to its community!

In each package we have a list of tags where it says the compatibility of each one of the assets, remember that all our resources can be configured for standalone or custom framework use if you have the necessary skills to modify some files!

DLCs are assets that can only be used by the customer of said mother resources, but it is important to keep in mind that only the original customer will have access to that package section, whether the resource was transferred, will not have this section available.

The documentation is a complete installation guide for all our resources and it is free for any user to use, not only customers. You can access it through the following link

After purchasing an asset on our website, Tebex will deliver your items to your personal keymaster with which you registered when making the purchase, therefore always use your personal account and not a third party account.

Yes, of course you can, from your keymaster account you have the option to transfer one time to another person. You also have the option to buy as a gift from our website!

Our content is fully verified and contains multiple tests that we carry out every day, beyond our tester system that works hard so that the asset is in the best conditions. Therefore the asset is fully functional and will not be refunded unless there has been a purchase error or it has been duplicated. Tebex will ask you to accept its terms before executing the purchase, in the same term, it will ask you to accept that external chargebacks will not be initiated against Tebex, keep that in mind before making your purchase!